Writer and recording artist Joni Brovo was the first artist signed to RBF, an independent label out of Chicago, IL. Born an raised in the Windy City, Brovo grew up with a family that loved Classic Rock and Soul, while his father was a fan of hardcore Hip-hop artists such as 2pac and Scarface. After graduating high school in San Diego, he returned to Chicago to attend DePaul University for business. Three years into his college career and he took a hiatus to build RBF Enterprises, Inc. He quickly decided that Los Angeles was where artists went to get signed, and in 2014, RBF hosted a series of exclusive listening parties throughout LA. Despite conversations with major record labels, Brovo decided to build his portfolio as an independent artist while transforming RBF into an entertainment powerhouse out of Chicago.

In 2014 he debuted live at SXSW alongside Young Thug, Trinidad James, Rich Homie Quan, Snootie Wild, Mobb Deep, and A$AP Mobb. In response to several months of consultation from Chicago legends George Daniels, John Monopoly, and J.East Entertainment, Brovo spent endless days and nights perfecting his craft, and solidifying his "one-of-a-kind" style of music. He was shocked in 2015 when his hit single "Life U Want" hit over 4,000 views in less than a week, and even more amazed when the song made it onto popular radio stations in Texas, Louisiana, and Chicago. Shortly after releasing the "Taxi Packs" video, Joni made a name for himself in Atlanta during the 11th Annual A3C Festival.


 Currently, RBF is promoting Joni Brovo's highly anticipated EP, "Soft Life, Vol. 1", which is scheduled to be released "exclusively" in October, 2016...and publicly in February 2017. Follow @joni_brovo on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe here to receive exclusive leaks and access to RBF events.

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RBF (Real Brothers Forever) consists of a group of brothers who write, engineer, record, and produce their own music. Angelo, Jay Arrs, Joni Brovo, Devo, Schnow, and Durka 2xx formed RBF Enterprises, Inc. in 2015 and have been making major waves across the country every since 2012.

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